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Although a Bridal Makeup trial is not mandatory, it is strongly recommended for every bride. Bridal trials give you a chance to try out different  looks. They are essential in making sure that you are 100% confident on your wedding day making sure everything runs smoothly. Here are a few tips on how to prepare for your trial! 

Booking your Trial


We Suggest that you book your trial 1-4 months prior to your wedding date. You can book your trial by contacting us directly. Pretrials are reccomended if you would like to test out the make up before booking your date with us. Then closer to the wedding date we will book another trial to perfect your wedding look. 


Visual Inspiration


We will ask you to send us some inspirational photos of makeup styles that you find suitable and desirable. A few great places to find inspirational photos include pinterest, instagram, my portfolio, as well as magazines. Inspiration photos are very helpful for us to establish a clear communication in achieving your dream bridal look.

Photos of Your Self

We will also ask you to send us some photos of yourself. Photo's of your everyday self with your everyday makeup are great for us to refer to. It is helpful to see what your makeup looks like on a normal basis. If you wear more makeup on special occasions, selfie photos of this will be very helpful as well.


Come with a clean, moisturized face on the day of your trial. It is very essential to keep your skin healthy by exfoliating and hydrating. If you are having skin problems, please contact me directly and let me know. I will put you on a skin regimen a couple weeks before your trial. This way we have healthy skin to work with. Great makeup starts with great skin! Facials are also an amazing way to prep your skin a few days before a makeup application! Also,  If you are planning to go spray tanning, or tanning for your wedding day. It would be reccomended you try it out a few days before your trial as well.


Please come to your trial with a white/neutral cream colored top or dress that shows your neckline and shoulders if possible.

Additional Attendee Trials

Additional trial sessions for the bride and other parties/attendies are available upon request and additional cost.


Please give yourself the appropriate amount of time for your trial session. The timing of each session varies. Trials usually run anywhere between 45-75minutes. 

Payment Details

We accept all major credit cards, Cash, or checks. Trials are non-refundable. We strive to make every single client happy. If you are unhappy with your trial makeup, we could work together to achieve the desired look and book a second trial to ensure your confidence. 

Booking your Wedding Date

We encourage you to book your wedding date the day of the trial. A 30% deposit is required upon booking to secure your wedding date. We will hold your date secure for up to 5 days after your trial. This allows you time to decide before you book. After the 5 day period, we will open up your wedding date for other potential bridal clients.

We look forward to your trial, Let the glamming Begin!

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